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Our Editorial Team

As an author for Baeldung, you'll work within a team of authors and editors that will provide guidance and feedback on your articles and code. 

You can check out our team here: editors and authors.

Writing is a great way to deepen your knowledge of a topic while earning some side income.



The budget for each article is based on your author level and the number of words.

Here are some typical budgets used by authors:

  • Level 10, 750 words    – 78$
  • Level 10, 1000 words  – 83$
  • Level 14, 750 words    – 89$
  • Level 14, 1000 words  –  94$

The level is based on the feedback from your editors on 3 metrics: writing, technical, and communication. When you start, you'll be at level 1, then you'll progress as you improve (the max level is 20).

Basically, the better the quality of your writeups, the higher the payment will be.


Guidelines and Publishing Process

Our writing guidelines are important to ensure a good quality of the article, as well as consistency across articles.

The publishing process starts with you choosing a topic. You'll then work with an editor to create an outline and provide a draft and supporting code.

Simply put, the editor will help you get your articles over the finish line. They're going to do reviews and offer guidance with technical and language feedback.

Once the article is ready, we hit publish.


Apply as an Author

Before applying, you should have at least a couple of years of experience in the area of your interest, and a good command of the English language.

You can read more about our guidelines and the article budgets on our Contribution page: apply as an author on Baeldung. 


Our Tech Stack

We're writing about most Java technologies, and starting to cover other ecosystems, such as Linux, Kotlin, and general Computer Science. 

Job Openings

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Java/Spring Developer (remote, part-time)

Baeldung No office location

  • 3d ago
  • Easy apply
  • Remote

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Content Writer for Linux Articles (remote, part-time)

Baeldung No office location

  • 15d ago
  • Easy apply
  • Remote

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Kotlin Technical Editor (remote, part-time)

Baeldung No office location

  • 29d ago
  • Easy apply
  • Remote





eLearning, Software Development, Web Development


51-200 employees








Company Benefits

  1. Solidify your knowledge of a topic and share it with the community.
  2. Earn side-income by publishing articles on Java, Linux, CS and more.
  3. Build a reputation as a developer and technical writer.