• On commit 6daa4065 there are two jobs, build binaries and build manual binaries. The first job runs for the main branch and tags. The second branch runs for all other refs but is manual. The status of the commit is "Pipeline #500045869 failed".
  • On commit 6882edeb there is a single job, build binaries, which runs for the main branch and tags but is manual for all other refs. The status of the commit is "Pipeline #500769522 waiting for manual action".

Both pipelines failed. Why does one say "failed" and the other say "waiting for manual action"? Nothing depends on build binaries.

build binaries 6daa4065:
  only: [ develop, tags ]

build manual binaries 6daa4065:
  when: manual
  except: [ develop, tags ]

build binaries 6882edeb:
  - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH == 'develop' || $CI_COMMIT_TAG != null
  - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH != 'develop' && $CI_COMMIT_TAG == null
    when: manual
  • Probably because the failed job is in a stage beyond your manual job. Not sure if this is an expected behavior or not.
    – sytech
    17 hours ago
  • On this commit the failed job is in an earlier stage and I'm seeing the same behavior. 13 hours ago
  • Interesting. Seems like a bug behavior or potentially unintended side-effect of using needs: [] for all your jobs. Though, nothing in the needs: documentation suggests that it should impact the overall pipeline status.
    – sytech
    13 hours ago


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