I use Google Play Billing Library v4 for android app billing (implementation "com.android.billingclient:billing:4.0.0")

I have not found any methods that can verify the purchase of a product by a user.
If the user reinstalled the application, how can I check and restore all purchases in the application?

All the options I found suggest me to use Google Play Developer API Method: purchases.products.get
Does this always require a server?
In any case, it seems to me difficult for a simple task.

I used this solution (anjlab/android-inapp-billing-v3), but this library is no longer supported and I decided to understand how billing works from Google in the latest version.

I would not like to use deprecated method Purchase.PurchasesResult queryPurchases (String skuType)
And this method I think will not help me queryPurchaseHistoryAsync

How can I simply implement a check of all my products (3), for the presence of payment by the user. If the user has reinstalled the application or changed the phone. I need to restore purchases to a user.

I am using Java.


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