Im not looking for something like

username = raw_input("Enter username:")
print("Username is: " + username)

But something so that the output is:

User:hi Output:hey there User:wow Output:what happened

I’ve tried various docs to forums but I have not found a solution hopefully I can find one here

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    Please be clear on what you're trying to achieve. 15 hours ago
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    Welcome to Stack Overflow! You are encouraged to make an attempt to write your code. If you encounter a specific technical problem during that attempt, such as an error or unexpected result, we can help with that. Please provide specific information about that attempt and what didn't work as expected. To learn more about this community and how we can help you, please start with the tour and read How to Ask and its linked resources.
    – David
    15 hours ago
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    A dictionary is one (limited) option: responses = {"hello": "hi there"}. 15 hours ago


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