Currently I am able to parse data as objects, But the object looks like:

{ CallTime: '0', Color_MachineState: 'ManualStop', StartDate: '2021/1/7 19:03', MachineName: 'CDK10' }

Now, What I want is, the properties should be in their original types.

{ CallTime: 0, Color_MachineState: 'ManualStop', StartDate: Thu Jan 07 2021 19:03:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time), MachineName: 'CD10' }

For a moment, considering Date have many formats, We can skip date fields to be dealt specifically, but other fields like integers, real numbers should be in their original type.

I have an option to iterate over object properties with a wrapper function over JSON.parse() to handle failures, but I'm expecting something better, and faster as I'll be dealing with thousands of records.

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