How to make the c ++ application work with the browser. I mean a program that retrieves data from a given page (let's assume that the page displays a string) and then performs some reaction on the page. For example, the page displays a random string, and the program enters the length of the string into the form.

I am a novice programmer, so I care about information and advice on where to start. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    You don't want to use C++ to do all of that. Better use browser extensions to do so
    – Asesh
    2 hours ago
  • There are libraries that can be used to interact with web-servers and fetch individual pages. Then there's other libraries which can transform the HTML of the pages into a format that's easier to handle from your program. Start by looking for such libraries. 2 hours ago
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    One easy way to interact with browser is to use Python code, there are many modules in Python to interact with browser, including standard module webbrowser. But you have C++ application, for that there exists Python C API that allows executing any Python script from embedded string directly inside C++ code. If you're interested precisely in this Python + C++ solution than I can create such answer.
    – Arty
    2 hours ago
  • @Arty That would be great. That's exactly what I'm looking for. 2 hours ago
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    If you want to build everything from scratch, I would refer you to Section 11.6 of CSAPP3e (Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective 3rd Edition). There it introduces a tiny web server built upon just system calls - not using C++ but C. With this server you can perform applications as you describe -- display a random string, and so on.
    – aafulei
    1 hour ago


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