I am trying to use the method BillingProcessor method

bps = BillingProcessor.newBillingProcessor(this,getResources().getString(R.string.play_console_license), this);

But for more than 24 hour now the cache is just blank and no products etc can be found. Now this is still in dev and when I try to subscribe in the app it say that this verion of the app cannot access billing. So does that mean I cannot also read from the cache? If so, is there any easy ways to get around this so that I can test this without deploying

enter image description here

Note: It was working yesterday and was finding the products etc then I Logged out of the application and that clears the Shared preferences cache then ever since it does not work on any device. Just the results in the picture are found

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You cannot access billing services when debugging it will only work once the app has been deployed to production (From what I have experienced). Also the Billing Cache will periodically update but I am not sure how often.

If null you will get a null pointer exceptions so just put it in a try catch to ensure the app doesn't crash

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