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It's a good idea to use functions from the testthat package to show what you expect to occur. Thus, other people can alter your code until it runs without error. This eases the burden of those who would like to help you, because it means they don't have to decode your textual description. For example

# code defining x and y
if (y >= 10) {
    expect_equal(x, 1.23)
} else {
    expect_equal(x, 3.21)

is clearer than "I think x would come out to be 1.23 for y equal to or exceeding 10, and 3.21 otherwise, but I got neither result". Even in this silly example, I think the code is clearer than the words. Using testthat lets your helper focus on the code, which saves time, and it provides a way for them to know they have solved your problem, before they post it

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