I am getting an error in the extractor step (unapply method call). The error message is: Wrong number of arguments for the extractors. found 2; expected 0

Can someone please help what is causing the error (where my misunderstanding is).

class ABC(val name:String, val age:Int)  //class is defined.

object ABC{
    def apply(age:Int, name:String) = new ABC(name, age)  
    def unapply(x:ABC) = (x.name, x.age)                   

val ins = ABC(25, "Joe")  //here apply method is in action.
val ABC(x,y) = ins        //unapply is indirectly called. As per my understanding , 25 and Joe suppose to be captured in x and y respectively. But this steps gives error.

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The error I get is

an unapply result must have a member def isEmpty: Boolean

The easiest way to fix this is to make unapply return an Option:

def unapply(x: ABC) = Option((x.name, x.age))
  • Thanks for the reply Tim. Can you please let me know why my understanding is incorrect? What is understand is: 'ins' will be decomposed using unapply method and the returned values would be captured in x and y respectively. 1 hour ago

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