I am currently implementing in-app subscriptions in my android app through react-native-iap, I am able to get the subscriptions products from Google but when I trigger a purchase I get That item is unavailable. error with the code E_ITEM_UNAVAILABLE in the console and The item you requested is not available for purchase. on the device.

Illustrated below

enter image description here

  • I am using my developer account e-mail to test

  • I tried another Google Play account added in the tester list and Test License on my Developer Account

  • I have set up an alpha channel submitted for review 2 days ago (still not reviewed) and submitted a signed bundle.

  • I tried every options on simulator, real device, with both debug apk and signed production bundle

  • I allowed testers from my lists to test the app.

  • I added all the e-mails I use to test to the Test License section on my Google Play Console.

I don't know what I should do now to fix this issue, does a first release even in alpha should be reviewed and accepted by Google in order to test IAP inside an app?

Accoding to Google, it IS possible to test subscriptions under development usng Test License here

I can't see how I can implement that in development reliably under those conditions.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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