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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, and broadcasting of moving visual images. Use more specific tags when relevant, such as [video-editing] for questions related to trimming and modifying videos, [video-encoding] for questions related to editing videos into any format, and [video-processing] for questions related to processing videos with filtering video frames.

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How come the quality of HEVC with alpha from my ffmpeg with videotoolbox is not ok

I'm encoding ProRes 4444 with alpha channel video's to transparent video for web in both VP9 (webm) and HEVC (mp4). I'm using a great free tool by Rotato to encode to both formats at once. However, ...
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Transparent video in Android AR Scene

I am looking to solve the problem of displaying a transparent video in the AR scenes using Unity ARFoundation and Android platform. I mean, accurately with a simple effect presented for the iOS ...
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