Im using in-app subscription in my application. there are 3 subscription available in application i.e, monthly, 6 month and yearly. If user subscribed with monthly I'm showing upgrade subscription on some point. If user try to upgrade its upgrading but after it show pop-up (We are unable to change your subscription plan. Manage subscriptions).But I'm able to get new token and subscription info from the interface(onPurchasesUpdated). Here is the code below using for upgrade.enter image description here

            ) { billingResult, skuDetailsList ->
                try {
                    if (skuDetailsList != null && skuDetailsList.isNotEmpty() && skuDetailsList.size > 0) {
                        val billingFlowParams = BillingFlowParams.newBuilder()
                        val responseCode = billingClient.launchBillingFlow(requireActivity(), billingFlowParams)
                    } else {
                        CommonUtil.toastShow(requireActivity(), getString(R.string.something_went_wrong))
                } catch (e: NullPointerException) {
                    CommonUtil.toastShow(requireActivity(), getString(R.string.something_went_wrong))


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