Pybluez was developed for Linux, and I can't use the sample file on windows10 because pybluez's dependencies are implemented on Linux, which I'm not familiar with Linux....

Bleak, I used it to develop in PyCharm of Wind10. It worked normally not long ago and I could read BLUETOOTH BLE names. I was about to set to read bluetooth characteristic values, but the bleak sample file suddenly reported an error.

I responded to the author a few days ago, but didn't get a reply.

So what reliable, stable python bluetooth library does windows10 have?

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  • So are you asking for bluetooth libs for Python? 2 hours ago
  • I am looking for a python bluetooth library available for windows10. @BrainFlooder
    – 李广琛
    2 hours ago
  • It would also be nice if the bleak and PyBluez errors could be addressed while looking for alternative bluetooth libraries.
    – 李广琛
    2 hours ago
  • Then this is off-topic. 1 hour ago
  • I should start with two new questions. Hold on.
    – 李广琛
    1 hour ago


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